Shelley Huff Designs Business Starting or Rebooting a Company or Side Hustle in 2020

Starting or Rebooting a Company or Side Hustle in 2020

Well, here we are several months into COVID-19, Corona Virus, the RONA! Around us are people suffering either from sickness, loss of loved ones, depression is up, sales are down, and so is our stamina, to say the least. Amid this, jobs are being eliminated and our lives are uprooted. Yet, is it possible that this eradication of our comfort zones comes with a fresh start, you know like the phoenix and ash in mythology. Although we are trying to re-invent ourselves it is less dramatic and not as worthy of a record cover as the phoenix; motivating ourselves is still difficult.

Undeniably, looking inward is important when determining your next step. I sat very comfortably in a job serving veterans for 7 years. As a veteran myself, I was happy with the idea of not only helping my peers but getting paid to do so felt like sprinkles on the ice cream. However, things change and I find myself at a crossroads of finding work or rebooting my old company.

Is this the kick in the pants that I needed to create my security and depend less on the decisions of others. Will my next adventure be a job in corporate rather than a nonprofit? Having a job certainly decreases the expense of working, but leading my own pack is enticing.

Do we live in a world where our after-interview questions are not about the company culture but what leadership style do we expect the company without being round-filed? Let’s explore that for a moment. What questions would you ask that would help you to determine if you would accept an offer from a company you managed to surpass 300 other applicants to make an interview without looking like a pompous jerk. Mr. Smith, Can you tell me about a time when you demonstrated leadership skills to your employees? Who is your favorite leader? Why? What is your benefits package look like? Do you like Grey Poupon?

Understanding ourselves is a good first step in determining the following phase in the journey. Questions I ask myself as I decided to reboot are more than financial need. Rather, have I built a strong enough network. Our network is important for both decisions, Both personal and professional connections offer help when both looking for new employment and looking for support in the areas we are weak in to make a business grow.

More so, can I survive a reboot or startup in the midst of a rapidly changing world? I think we are capable of looking past fear and making sound decisions.