My Caregiver Planner

The simple act of caring is heroic.

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Support during your journey.

My Caregiver Planner helps to provide a centralized tool to give you a place to organize your loved ones needs, yours and the needs of your family unit.

My Caregiver Planner is a planner that is a compact 6×9 inch sized book designed to provide balance and organize the needs of your loved one while managing day to day household and other responsibilities. 

My Caregiver Planner was created for caregivers of family members: parent, child, spouse and caregivers of veterans with enhanced or special needs.

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Family Caregiving

In addition to monthly & weekly planning pages, care action centers, meal planning, and shopping lists. It also has medical appointment trackers to document information during and after visits with doctors and a quick reference event tracker for out of ordinary events that occurred.

Included are action centers to track medications & symptoms, and other data for their loved one. An additional action center included specifically for the needs of the caregiver to help remind them and track self care needs like water consumptions, goal tracking, fitness and action center notes.

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